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Modular Type Geothermal Heat Pump Used for Central Air Conditioning

Modular Type Geothermal Heat Pump Used for Central Air Conditioning
Product Detailed
Geothermal Heat Pump -Modular Type,Modular Combined -Heating Capacity: 8.6-282KW; -Cooling Capacity: 7.2-250KW -Heat Pump

Modular Type Geothermal Heat Pump Used for Central Air Conditioning

Functions: For Air Conditioning (Heating and Cooling) and Domestic Hot Water(DHW System)

1. Heating Only: for floor or radiator heating;

2. Heating and Cooling and domestic hot water: for fan coil heating in winter and cooling in summer and providing domestic hot water with DHW system(Heat Recovery Type);

3. High Efficiency(Energy Saving):

When Heating(Winter), unit receive heat power from ground & water, and centralize it by electric-drive compressor and heat exchange, then release with high temperature in the room.

COP 4.5-5.0 (Efficiency 1KW Power can get 5KW heating at condition of Water Side 15°C, User Side Hot Water 45°C); The Minimum water source side(As Groundwater, Surface Water, Close Loop Water etc.) temperature 10°C; The more higher of the water source side temperature, the COP will be more higher, and more energy saving;

When Cooling(Summer), unit get cooling power from ground/water, centralize it and transmit into the room. At the same time, heat in the room is transmitted into the ground/water, to realize the function of air conditioner.

COP 5.5-6.0 (Efficiency 1KW power can get 6KW cooling at condition of Water Side 18°C, User Side cooling Water 12°C); User Side Standard design cooling water outlet is 7°C;

Ground/Water source heat pump system can adopt water of lake, river, underground and ground heat source; With compressor and electrical power, it can transmit heat from water into the room in winter, and from room into water in summer to achieve the purpose of air conditioning. Heat from the ground is absorbed at low temperatures into a fluid inside a loop of pipe (a ground loop) buried underground. The fluid then passes through a compressor that raises it to a higher temperature, which can then heat water for the heating and hot water circuits of the house. The cooled ground-loop fluid passes back into the ground where it absorbs further energy from the ground in a continuous process as long as heating is required.

Normally the loop is laid flat or coiled in trenches about two metres deep, but if there is not enough space in your garden you can install a vertical loop down into the ground to a depth of up to 100 metres for a typical domestic home.

Heat pumps have some impact on the environment as they need electricity to run, but the heat they extract from the ground, the air, or water is constantly being renewed naturally.


In heating mode, it can replace the boiler system to avoid smoke-pollution. In cooling mode, it can avoid noise and leaf mold from cooling tower to protect environment.

Energy saving:

In winter, user can get 5KW heat power with 1kw electrical power. In summer, uses can get more than 6KW cooling power with 1kw electrical power. The efficiency is 3-4 times as that of electrical heater.


No need of Boiler and relevant equipment, by which can save space.


Cooling or heating can be realize by discharging or absorbing power into the water; water source will not be consumed neither be polluted.


Cooling or heating can be realized by one system; its investment is 1/2-2 of that of traditional equipment.


Heating Capacity: 8.6-282KW; Cooling Capacity: 7.2-250KW


System Diagram: Close Loop Example(Also Open Loop is Available)

Model Details:

1.Cooling Standard Conditions: User side water inlet/outlet 12°C/7°C;Water source side inlet/outlet 18°C/29°C.

2.Heating Standard Conditions: User side hot water inlet/outlet 40°C/45°C;Water source side inlet/outlet 15°C/7°C; Max. Hot Water Output: R410a-55°C; R134a-65°C; R407c-55°C

3.Heat recovery equipments can be added for free sanitary hot water.

Model No. LTWH(R)—22.533.54566.57.5910
Heating CapacitykW8.610.212.014.717.721.624.226.530.036.041.0
Cooling CapacitykW7.28.610.
Electrical ParametersPower Supply380V±10%/3P/50(60)HZ     220V±10%/1P/50(60)HZ
Control SystemDedicated heat pump controller,PID regulator
SecurityOverload, high voltage, wrong phase, water, oil, antifreeze switch, high temperature protection
CompressorFormHermetic scroll Type
RefrigerantTypeR134A,R410A,R407C(This sheet is based on R407C)
EvaporatorFormHigh Efficient Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger
Pressure LossKpa≤40
Dirt Factorm2·°C/kW0.018
Interface Dim.DN(mm)2525253232324040405050
CondenserFormHigh Efficient Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger
Pressure LossKpa≤40
Dirt Factorm2·°C/kW0.044
Interface Dim.DN(mm)2525253232324040405050
Shape sizeLengthmm10001000100010001000110011001100110012001200
Unit weightkg140140150180220260280300350420490
DHW System-Heat recoveryTypePlate Heat Exhanger or Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger
Water interfaceDN(mm)2525252525252525252532
Hot water Volumem3/h0.30.350.450.480.60.811.11.151.371.64
Model No. LTWH(R)-11131720253035405570
Heating CapacitykW45587590113135151180225282
Cooling CapacitykW4051658098120130158200250
Electrical ParametersPower Supply380V±10%/3P/50(60)HZ     220V±10%/1P/50(60)HZ
Control SystemProfessional heat pump controller,PID regulator,color touch screen
SecurityOverload, high voltage, wrong Phase, water, oil, antifreeze switch, high temperature protection
CompressorTypeHermetic Scroll Compressor
RefrigerantR134a, R407c, R410a(This sheet is based on R407C)
EvaporatorTypeHigh Efficient Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger
Pressure LossKpa≤50≤60
Dirt Factorm2·°C/kW0.086
CondenserTypeHigh Efficient Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger
Pressure LossKpa≤50≤60
Dirt Factorm2·°C/kW0.086

Modular Type Geothermal Heat Pump Used for Central Air Conditioning

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